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Helleborus, Christmas rose, Daffodil, Snowdrop – nursery Spiren

Welcome to the nursery Spiren and to the wonderful and magical world of the Helleborus plant. We are 

specialized in daffodils, Helleborus orientalis hybrids, which seeds we multiply, both single and double in the glorious variations, shapes and color combinations. We also cultivate the ordinary Christmas rose Helleborus niger and will soon offer you a special selection of exciting new perennials. All plants are produced here at the nursery and all grow up in our unheated greenhouses which ensures us that the plants are robust and hardy when they are being brought outside to the garden. To offer you a wide range of different Helleborus species we supplement our own plants with plants from other Helleborus producers.


About the nursery

The nursery Spiren is located in Skælskør. We cultivate daffodils, Helleborus orientalis hybrids, both double and single and the ordinary Christmas rose Helleborus niger. All seeds of the plant are multiplied which ensures that the daffodils capture colors and shapes and therefore grow up to be fantastic flowers. We would like to remark that the plants are grown in our unheated greenhouses and on open land. This ensures them a hardiness when they are being brought out to the garden.

When the days in our country have become grey and dark there is nothing better than to walk around in the glasshouses while enyoing the look at all the beautiful plants that bring us light and joy to the dark winter season. We are open throughout the year, though a visit at Skælskør especially is worth it in the winter season. You are also invited to visit our webshop to find plants that match your dreams. If you have a specific idea, you can always contact us by phone in order to help you finding exactly what your „heart of gardens“ desires.

Some may say that Skælskør is located secluded. But our location is only slightly longer than one hour drive from Copenhagen and half an hour from the Storebæltsbridge. Many customers find their way to us and it gives us always a great pleasure that many of them come to visit us again year after year to find their plants. Not two are alike!


If you feel the desire to take a trip to West Zealand and to combine a visit to the nursery Spiren with other visits, you may be inspired here.

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For further information please contact the nursery by phone: 0045 20634017 or by email: marianne@gartnerietspiren.dk



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